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SAI seeks to maintain the zero-value of No Longer Art and recognizes its right to remain independent and divorced from the demands of future marketability. SAI provides an autonomous yet accessible space for No Longer Art to reveal its qualities via interdisciplinary debate. SAI approaches the No Longer Art inventory through a non-hierarchical system and aims at democratic principles. Each item of SAI inventory can potentially deliver equally valid revelations.

SAI conceives the declaration that an object is No Longer Art as the symmetrical inversion of the subjective declaration that any object may be art. The signature of the adjuster meets and cancels the signature of the artist.

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SAI eschews the aesthetics and sensationalism of damage. Rather, it is devoted to examining the structural implications of total loss across art's conceptual, material, legal, actuarial and financial identities. SAI is centered on the tactile objecthood of No Longer Art , on its obdurate survival, and on its transformed physicality.

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SAI confronts viewers with the material signs of alteration and the legible traces of each piece's history. It includes a Sept 5, letter from the artist explaining and authorizing scratches and marks on the surface of the print. June 5, Salvage Symposium: Salvage Art 2. April 24, Salvage Symposium: Salvage Art 2. February 19, First production meeting with Dancing Foxes Press.

March Copyright of No Longer Art preface.

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February 8, Submission of application for Rockefeller cultural foundation grant. Proposes Salvage Art Institute on the shores of Staten Island as the first public salvage art research space. The museum concept transforms into the concept of an institute. July First draft of Salvage Art Museum mission statement. I was told about AXA warehouses that store "Salvage Art", the industry name for no-longer-artworks that become AXA's property after the company paid out full market value on a claim in a total loss case.

There is a sea of them behind walls.

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