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The bass is also using much distortion to the effect of a thunderous, yet non-aggressive bottom line. The keys add some colour, but not used as lead instruments. Some noodling here and there wouldn't be missed, but not really disturbing either. The whole delivery is very carefree and relaxed, no sign of struggling here, only pure fun.

And it works really well. Long pieces with some structure that still permit a lot of stretching out provide a nice balance. Comparisons here would be rather futile, but let me say this. The end result is honest, heartfelt, pure fun! It may never be considered a carefully arranged Prog masterpiece, but for the enjoyment I derived from this recording, a solid 4 is appropriate.

Colour Haze - CO₂

Copyright Prog Archives, All rights reserved. Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker. In the release their debut "Chopping Machine" as a tree-piece, the album is in a style caught between a classic Heavy Rock Black Sabbath , and the Grunge popular at the time Pearl Jam. Between and the band went through a series on member changes, including singer Felix Neuenhoff replace Koglek on the vocal parts.

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From the recording of "Periscope" , they were again reduces to a tree-piece Stefan Koglek vocal, guitar , Manfred Merwald drums , Philipp Rasthofer bass. Over the years the band have become a bit less heavy, exploring even more the slow buildup on very long tracks, with a warmer and softer sound, and a crafty groove. Any album they have done from "Periscope" and onwards are worth a listen, but "Temple" mark a refinement both in their sound and the melodies they create.

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May be seen, as the start of the third chapter. Results cached 12h Items ordered by ending time Showing all 54 items. Visit eBay search:'prog rock' for items Sell your items on eBay! Studio Album, 4. Studio Album, 3. Previously, I've heard some of the band's earlier works and that left me quite impressed.

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That I haven't followed it up is partly due to the fact that one can only pay attention to that many works at a time. Thanks to Philippe Blache for the artist addition. Tempel Electrohasch With a new rhythm section of Philipp Rasthofer bass and Manfred Merwald drums in , their permanent lineup was settled, and their game was raised to a new level of tight musicianship, gorgeous tones, fluidity and groove.

Each of their subsequent seven albums are better than the ones before. When was the last time anyone has seen such a sustained upward arc like that? There are many great stoner rock bands, and a few of them do certain things better than Colour Haze. Witchcraft and Graveyard write concise, memorable songs and have better singers, while Los Natas and My Sleeping Karma take more risks in experimenting with instruments and styles.

Truckfighters, Dozer and a whole slew of others rock harder. Along with jaw-dropping musicianship and a signature style that evolves just enough to keep things interesting, what makes Colour Haze so addictive, and my favorite stoner rock band, is their sound. Most bands are conscienscious about getting getting a good sound, but none, at least in this genre, are as successful as Colour Haze.

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The delicously warm, fuzzy guitar tones are just perfect, balanced by the round bottom end of the bass and drums. Their sound has been represented ever more successfully on their last four albums. An enticingly gorgeous piece of cover art has been floating about since last fall, promising a new release. In January, a press release announced the album would be titled She Said , and was originally slated for February release. Ever the perfectionists, they have delayed the release indefinitely while they figure out how to fix it or re-record. It is my hope that evoking the name of Colour Haze enough times will conjure them like Betelgeuse, and their tenth album will come out soon and be heard by a larger audience and they can get their butts over to North America for a tour.

Colour Haze! They have also subtly shifted away from American influences, snaking some Eastern melodies into the mix, much like countrymen Can used to.

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Ewige Blumenkraft sees the band firing on all cylinders and on a hot streak, cranking out their fourth album of new material in four consecutive years. In a way, Colour Haze are becoming the ultimate jam band. Stefan, however, has no patience for aimless noodling and endless soloing. Every note feels like it has a pointed direction, having more in common with Sonic Youth than The Grateful Dead or Phish.

After taking a little extra time to prepare their followup to Ewige Blumenkraft , they came up with a monster double album, bringing their art to a whole new level. At a time when many bands peak with their debut album, Colour Haze have shown the rewards of patience and constant improvement.

This is their Tago Mago or even their Zen Arcade. White Manna hail from California, where they enjoy a friendship and share a following with Carl.. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List. Compare this Product. Electric Wizard - Wizard Bloody Wizard " Truckfighters - Universe Ltd Col. Category's Best Sellers. White Manna - Pan Ltd Col. Electric Citizen - Sateen Ltd White " Description Specification Reviews 0 Shipping Cost " They have also subtly shifted away from American influences, snaking some Eastern melodies into the mix, much like countrymen Can used to.

Add to Wish List Compare this Product. Whatever Witch You Are takes us off into a decidedly headier psyche influenced direction. Out Of Stock.

Colour Haze (Beautiful Music) Colour Haze (Beautiful Music)
Colour Haze (Beautiful Music) Colour Haze (Beautiful Music)
Colour Haze (Beautiful Music) Colour Haze (Beautiful Music)
Colour Haze (Beautiful Music) Colour Haze (Beautiful Music)
Colour Haze (Beautiful Music) Colour Haze (Beautiful Music)
Colour Haze (Beautiful Music) Colour Haze (Beautiful Music)

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