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Dragon's Breath

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Dragon's Breath? Not Unless You Have Dragon Lungs

Select your location. Submit a Question. It seems liquid nitrogen is everywhere lately—chances are you've seen it added to snacks and drinks at the mall, your neighborhood sweet shop, a carnival kiosk, or even trendy local bars. Though it may look cool on Instagram, the U. Food and Drug Administration FDA recently warned that food and beverage products with liquid nitrogen added at the point of sale—in particular, the popular desserts commonly marketed as "Dragon's Breath," "Heaven's Breath," "nitro puff" and more—can cause serious injury and harm to your health.

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Reports have documented difficulty breathing after inhaling the vapor, and injuries to skin and internal organs from handling or eating these products. Whether the fog rises up from colorful flakes of cereal or steamy puffs of cheese, anything emitting the misty liquid nitrogen vapor can cause serious damage to skin and internal organs, the FDA says. Those with asthma are at increased risk, with the potential for serious breathing difficulties when inhaling the vapor these foods and drinks release. The alert goes on to explain that in other foods treated with liquid nitrogen before the point of sale, any significant trace has usually been evaporated before consumption.

Frozen confections like Dippin Dots, for example, do not carry the same risk. Perhaps most troubling is that the trendiest of these dangerous snacks—the Dragon's Breath cereal that sends a dragon-like smoke out of the nose and mouth when you eat it hence the name —is being marketed primarily to children, with little being said about the risks of serious burns and other potential health concerns. We must teach our children that the only things they should ever breathe in are prescribed medications and pure clean air.

One mom took to Facebook to share how her son suffered a severe asthma attack after trying Dragon's Breath.

She wrote that her son, Johnny, started coughing shortly after trying a Dragon's Breath cereal treat at the mall and eventually couldn't breathe. Even worse, Johnny's quick-relief inhaler had been left at home, where his mom said it typically stayed except for high-risk activities and outings. Fortunately, Johnny received medical treatment in time to save his life—but still, his mom wonders how much of this could have been prevented if she had known about the risks of Dragon's Breath.

As a result, my son could have died. Please don't make the same mistake I did. Be sure the liquid nitrogen has completely evaporated before you start enjoying this sweet, magical treat!

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Dragons Breath Dragons Breath
Dragons Breath Dragons Breath
Dragons Breath Dragons Breath
Dragons Breath Dragons Breath
Dragons Breath Dragons Breath
Dragons Breath Dragons Breath
Dragons Breath Dragons Breath
Dragons Breath Dragons Breath

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