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Stephane paints pictures on dresses. New boutique label makes its intentions known via 19 gems - from ethereal, folksy songs to guitar-driven pop. The concept is mainly used in inversive geometry , because straight lines and circles have very similar properties in that geometry and are best treated together.

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Inversive plane geometry is formulated on the plane extended by one point at infinity. A straight line is then thought of as one of the circles that passes through the asymptotic point at infinity.

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The fundamental transformations in inversive geometry, the inversions , have the property that they map generalized circles to generalized circles. These transformations do not necessarily map lines to lines and circles to circles: they can mix the two. Inversions come in two kinds: inversions at circles and reflections at lines. Since the two have very similar properties, we combine them and talk about inversions at generalized circles.

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Straight Circle Straight Circle
Straight Circle Straight Circle
Straight Circle Straight Circle
Straight Circle Straight Circle
Straight Circle Straight Circle
Straight Circle Straight Circle
Straight Circle Straight Circle

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