Security in Distributed, Grid, Mobile, and Pervasive Computing

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Our scheme offers applications that demand short service downtime the high migration priority while applications that can tolerate long VM service downtime are assigned with the low migration priority. During the iterative copy and the stop-and-copy phases, our scheme only transfers all dirty pages that belong to the high priority applications, so the service downtime will be less than that of pre-copy. In this paper, we propose the coordinate change schemes for improving the performance of blind equalizer such as MCMA modified constant modulus algorithm which compensate for ISI channel effect.

Satellite communication systems do not use pilot signals for channel estimation. Blind equalization techniques such as MCMA are well known that it is possible to estimate and to compensate for channel without pilot signals. It is necessary to improve the blind equalizer performance.

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Therefore, we propose the coordinate change schemes for improve the equalization performance in APSK. We confirm that this proposed method has better equalization performance than conventional MCMA. Mobility health is an important aspect of the overall health status of a person. Many tests exist that determine the mobility health of a subject, but there are several issues associated with these tests, such as human error.

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  5. Much work is being done to develop a mobility classification system which consolidates these tests, and circumvents the associated issues. Even so, many of these systems in development are complicated and lack the calculation of important postural transition measurements. The goal of this project was to remove the errors associated with current mobility tests, and to make the system as simple and energy-efficient as possible.

    These goals were accomplished by using a waist-mounted triaxial accelerometer that processed data on-board using a well-developed classification algorithm. RPC is a communication technology which has been widely used in distributed systems. It has been employed as an essential component of distributed systems. However, the performance of traditional RPC technology will be seriously decreased in high-speed network based cluster system.

    The main reason is that the network of cluster has many obvious features such as high bandwidth, low latency, and high reliability, etc, which are different from normal network environment. Therefore, how to improve the performance of RPC technology in cluster system has caught increasing attention.

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    In this paper, we have carefully studied the traditional RPC technology, which suggest that the decreasing of cluster network performance is mainly caused by the. This scheme can well improve the performance of cluster network by reducing the number of date copy operations of RPC protocol.

    We have evaluated our improved scheme in our real-world cluster system. Online social networks are rapidly becoming popular for users to share, organize and locate interesting content. Users pay much attention to their close friends, those direct or two-hop friends. Users of Facebook commonly browse relevant profiles and the homepages, which are inefficient in obtaining desired information for a user due to the large amount of relevant data. In this paper, we propose a summary index with a ranking model by extending existing Bloom filter techniques, and achieve efficient full-text search over large scale OSNs to reduce inter-server communication cost and provide much shorter query latency.

    Furthermore, we conduct comprehensive simulations using traces from real world systems to evaluate our design. Results show that our scheme reduces the network traffic by Nowadays graphic processing unit GPU delivers much better performance than CPU does, and it is becoming increasingly important in high performance computing HPC because of its tremendous computing power. At the same time the concept of cloud computing is becoming increasingly popular. This business model suggests that GPU will be more economical because users can spend less money to rent GPUs to fit their special computing needs, rather than buying GPUs.

    As a result this static binding practice is less economical and less flexible. The goal of this paper is to design a GPU provision system that combines CUDA programs from different virtual machines and execute them. MapReduce is a programming model introduced by Google for large-scale data processing. This paper describes an approach to detecting distributed denial of services DDoS attacks that is based on Information theory, specifically Kolmogorov Complexity.

    A theorem derived using principles of Kolmogorov Complexity describes that the joint complexity measure of random strings is lower than the sum of complexities of the individual strings when the strings exhibit some correlation. However, Kolmogorov complexity is not calculable, various methods exist to measure estimates of complexity. In the viewpoint of Kolmogorov complexity, we have found out the characteristics of DDoS attacks after analyzing a lot of DDoS attack cases. DPI depends on string matching process and regular expression heuristics that make a thorough investigation on the packet payloads in a search for networked application signatures.

    This paper introduces a lightweight DPI algorithm for an expeditious detection that can detect the presence of a DDoS in the Internet as quickly as possible in order to provide people accurate early warning information and possible reaction time for counteractions. With the prevalence of cloud computing, many enterprise users store confidential information in the cloud servers. Therefore, the problems of data security in cloud computing are particularly important.

    Cloud storage service providers must offer efficient cryptography system and access control scheme to users. In recent years, some researchers proposed identity-based hierarchical key deployment model for encryption and access control in cloud computing environment. However, some of these schemes have high computing cost and do not take authentication into consideration.

    In this paper, we proposed a low-cost cryptography system and attribute-based access control scheme for the cloud storage environment. The simulation results and analysis show that the proposed method has lower communication and computing cost than Hierarchical Attribute-Based Encryption HABE. It also satisfies the authentication requirements by using identity-based signature in the cloud storage environment. Cloud computing brings novel concepts and various applications for people to use computer on theInternet, where all of above-mentioned concern with user authentication.

    Password is the most popular approach for user authentication in daily life due to its convenienceand simplicity. First, for the purpose of easily memorizing, user often selects a weak password and reuses it between different service providers on websites. Without a doubt, an adversary will obtain access to more websites if the password is compromised. In this manuscript, we propose an active one-time password AOTP mechanism for user authentication to overcome two abovementioned problems, password stealing and reuse, utilizing cellphone and short message service.

    Through AOTP, there is no need for additional tokens, card readers and drivers, or unfamiliar security procedures and user can choose any desirous password to register on all websites. Furthermore, we also give some comparison tables to present that the proposed mechanism is better than other similar works. However, executing these cryptographic algorithms often introduces a high overhead. In this paper, we select nine widely used cryptographic algorithms to improve their performance by providing hardware-assisted solutions. For each algorithm, we identify the software performance bottleneck,.

    Then, based on the percentage of execution time of a specific function and its relationship with the overall algorithm, we select candidates for our hardware acceleration. We design our hardware accelerators of the chosen candidates. The results show that our implementations achieve speedups as high as 60 folds for specific functions and 5. Through the associated hardware cost analysis, we point to an opportunity to perform these functions in an SIMD fashion.

    In this paper, we propose chaotic wireless communication system using digital retrodirective array antenna RDA for improving security and receive performance at receiver. Chaotic modulation schemes have studied for reducing the probability of interception and interrupt.

    As a result, chaotic communication systems have enhanced security. But the receive performance at receiver is degraded. We propose digital RDA system based on chaotic modulation for improving the reception performance while maintaining the security. In the SaaS Software as a Service model, the sensitive data of tenants are in danger of leakage. Meanwhile there are different privacy requirements for different tenants. The QoC-awareness is reflected in the modification of the provided context and the fuzzy inference process. Compared with existing work, the proposed model has a more comprehensive utilization of static and dynamic attributes, better adaption to the context dynamicity, feasibility in QoC-awareness and semantic expressiveness.

    To protect confidential data from being leaked, user have to run secure deletion software to erase the confidential files. However the traditional secure deletion software may report success on SSDs, but do not work at all. To solve the problem, we proposed a per-file secure deletion method to clean up the sensitive data without erase the whole SSD.

    In addition, RAID technique is also employed to enhance the reliability and eliminate the potential risk caused by secure deletion.

    Pervasive computing vs Cloud computing

    Message security in multi-hop infrastructure-less networks such as Mobile Ad Hoc Networks has proven to still be a challenging task. A number of trust-based secure routing protocols have recently been introduced which comprise the traditional route discovery phase and a data transmission phase.

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    In the later, the action of relaying the data from one mobile node to another relies on the peculiarity of the wireless transmission medium as well as the capability of source nodes to keep their energy level at an acceptable and reasonable level, posing another concern which is that of energy efficiency. Results show that our E-TBM scheme outperforms the Trust Based Multi-path TBM secured routing scheme - chosen as benchmark - in terms of energy consumption in the selected routing paths, and number of dead nodes, chosen as performance metrics. Location-Based Services LBSs are becoming popular due to the advances in wireless networks and positioning capabilities.

    There exist two main fields of research to overcome this problem. However, the main disadvantages of existing work are high computation and communication overheads. To resolve these problems, we propose a grid-based approximate k-NN query processing algorithm by combining above two methods. Through performance analysis, we have shown that our scheme outperforms the existing work in terms of both query processing time and accuracy of the result set. For this, the existing method employs a 2PASS cloaking framework that not only hides the actual user location but also reduces bandwidth consumption.

    However, it suffers from privacy attack. Our k-anonymization scheme can reduce bandwidth usages and efficiently support k-nearest neighbor queries without revealing the private information of the query initiator. We demonstrate from experimental results that our scheme yields much better performance than the existing one.

    In recent years, wireless sensor networks are widely used in many areas. Collecting information efficiently and deliver to base station reliably among the hot topics in wireless sensor networks. Most of the previous studies used the Geographic routing to resolve this problem. Sensors have to know not only their location information, but also one hop neighbor and destination location information. Generally, the Global Positioning System GPS provides location and time information, but it will increase the cost, power consumption, and reduce the lifetime of wireless sensor network.

    Then, a shortest path between virtual anchor nodes and sink for transfer data in the random distribution network is created. In this approach, establish a low-power, extend the network lifetime, efficient and fault-tolerant routing mechanism. This paper assesses the performance of a tour scheduling and recommender service for electric vehicles, aiming at verifying its effectiveness and practicality as a real-life application. The tour service, targeting at electric vehicles suffering from short driving range, generates a time-efficient tour and charging schedule. It combines two computing models, one for user-specified essential tour spots as the traveling salesman problem and the other for service-recommended optional spots as the orienteering problem.

    As it is designed based on genetic algorithms, this paper intensively measures the effect of the population size and the number of iterations to waiting time, tour length, and the number of visitable spots included in the final schedule. The experiment result, obtained through a prototype implementations, shows that our scheme can stably find an efficient tour schedule having a converged fitness value both on average and overloaded set of user selection. The worldwide markets for Machine-to-machine M2M communications over cellular networks are expected to grow for the time being. However, since the M2M communications has the characteristics that are quite different from existing human-centered wireless communications, it poses significant challe.

    In this paper, we address the challenges in facilitating M2M call admission and scheduling over LTE-A networks and propose a call admission method that improves the call drop probability. Such improment is made possible by adjusting the maximum number of the QoS classes. The simulation results show that the proposed method is superior to other fixed QoS class schemes in terms of the call drop probability.

    However, the recovery process still requires long delays and overheads. In this paper, an enhanced method to perform quick local recovery process is proposed. In the proposed method, when a link is broken, a node detecting a link-break asks to neighbor nodes who can be a substitute for a node causing the link— break. If there is such a node, then the recovery is quickly and locally completed. The proposed method does not increase overhead to find the substitute comparing to the conventional AODV protocol. This paper provides only the idea at this time, but the performance evaluations for the proposed method will be provided in the upcoming works.

    Monitoring information on the behavior of dementia patients could improve their health and safety, and thus quality of life. To monitor daily activities, dementia patients require portable and wearable monitoring device. Various sensor technologies are currently used to monitor emergency situations such as falling down and wandering activities as a result of memory and cognitive impairment. Therefore, in this research paper, a watch-type device Smart Watch , server system, and step detection algorithm utilizing a 3-axis acceleration sensor are developed. Recently there has been much research on fulfilling tasks such as surveillance and reconnaissance coupled with a sensor networks system.

    It is possible to realize the system because of many technical progresses in the area of sensor networks such as signal processing, wireless networks, sensor deployment, etc. To construct sensor network systems effectively and efficiently, lots of considerations such as user requirements, sensor capabilities, and signal processing technologies should be reviewed.

    Consistent and unambiguous architecture for the development process coupled with the technologies should be built. This paper presents a verifiable logical architecture with petri net. U-Home is a home-service through an interaction between human and object. Smart-home-middle-wear provides its users with services needed through interactions between users and home equipment.

    To meet increasing smart device services, wireless networks have smaller cellular architecture compared to previous that. Nevertheless, future communication systems will need more communication channel capacity than current one. The systems will have the problems that they cannot be avoid the concentrated bottleneck by monotonous communication path through base station or mobile switching center. To overcome these bottleneck problems, we propose a new dynamic cellular architecture called DNA with.

    Thus, the DNA architecture can support various communication channels among base stations and smart devices. Also, the proposed architecture saves channel capacity for accepting more mobile hosts. In this paper, we model the multilevel statistical structure as Hierarchical Hidden Markov Models HHMM for the problem of predicting the state of human behavior based on user profile in a ubiquitous home network. Algorithms to analyze the behavioral patterns of a user using the information provided by the user in a home network system.

    We propose the detecting of abnormal behavior algorithm, which builds profile based on the actions taken when the user enters a room. Realistic shading models can be synthesized in real-time game play environments in which seamless scenes are able to be simulated by reflecting light transport through layered material. In this paper, we have proposed an advanced facial skin rendering as conveying actual Fresnel refractive indices derived from actually measured data on a real human face.

    The Fresnel index is contingent on the location on a face because facial tissue components are slightly different. To realize physically-based rendering, we have employed a hybrid shading technique that can be merged from both improved Oren-Nayar and layered Phong model. We have shown experimental results to verify the proposed method as well. Recently, there is an increasing interest in and research on human engineering and emotion engineering.

    As a basic research on biofeedback interface technology, the development of a system for processing and modeling complex biomedical signals is very important, and these technologies will eventually offer a pleasant life environment, so the human-centered system based on biomedical signal analysis is the keyword of the future technology. In this study, a biofeedback interface was designed to analyze biomedical signals EEG, ECG to recognize the user concentration and emotion state as well as effectively assessing the user intention. Compared with the existing interface technique using single biomedical signals, the proposed technology can analyze complex biomedical signals to make it easy to assess the user state and intention and enhance the utilization thereof.

    The proposed method can reply the information of transmission error states of all Senders within smaller storage space. Especially, the number of transmission and the frame length was minimized to reduce transmission error. The calculation results showed the best performance in case of the proposed method. Many steganography schemes were invented for the purpose of safe communication.

    Such previous schemes often show good and reasonable performance, however, few have been based on paletted images; it is not easy to invent good steganographic schemes with little evidence of data hiding. In this paper, we propose new hiding schemes. Experimental results show that the proposed palette-scheme 3,18,9 exhibits good performance compared to that of previous schemes. The most of very large system by growing the variety of applications, the relationships between the requirements and the program components are more complex.

    A single requirement may be implemented by a number of components and each component may include elements of several requirements. Moreover, these requirements become critical when considering conceptual model by smart applications and smart platform, which are capable of optimizing their behavior or context of execution depending on themselves. Accordingly, we propose to aspect oriented software engineering in our adaptive smart vehicle middleware platform to influence the development and the concern OSGi oriented requirement in this paper.

    We present our study on the optimal mortgage refinancing problem under a stochastic interest rate environment.

    Security in Distributed, Grid, Mobile, and Pervasive Computing - CRC Press Book

    Through Monte Carlo simulations we try to identify the optimal time for refinancing such that the overall cost is minimised. Experimental results reveal that such a time is more likely to appear at the early stage of a mortgage contract. Through simulations we also generate time-dependent threshold rates for optimal refinancing. At a particular time, if market interest rate falls below such a threshold refinancing is most likely to be optimal.

    To accelerate the generation of the threshold rates we developed a multi-threaded program, which demonstrated more than three-time speedups against an efficiently-written sequential program on a quad-core Intel Corei7 in all the test cases. We present out work on computing the prices of American call and put options and the values of their Greek letters. The underlying stocks of the options are assumed to pay out cash dividends. For calculating option prices and their Greek letters we use the Leisen-Reimer binomial method.

    Through experiments we demonstrate that it converges both faster and more smoothly than the Cox-Ross-Rubinstein binomial method. We also present plots for the Greek letters calculated from American call and put options on non-dividend paying stocks. The calculation of the Greek letters with the Leisen-Reimer binomial method is explained. The strategic application domains of Cyber Physical Systems CPS [7,6] include health care, transportation, managing large-scale physical infrastructures, and defense systems avionics. In all these applications there is a need to acquire reliable resources in order to provide trustworthy services at every service request context.

    Hence we view CPS as a large distributed highway for services and supply chain management. In traditional service-oriented systems service, but not resource, is a first class entity in the architecture model and resources are assumed to be available at run time to provide services. However resource quality and availability are determining factors for timeliness and trustworthiness of CPS services, especially during emergencies. So in the service-oriented view of CPS discussed in this paper we place services around resources, because resource constrain service quality.

    We investigate a. The computations are based on a recursive Binomial algorithm with prescribed error tolerance. The method discussed in this work contrasts the likelihood ratio method contained in [6]. Further studies with expanded data set are recommended for comparing the effectiveness of these two methods in forecasting stock market shocks.

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    Wireless capsule endoscopy WCE is an ingestible electronic diagnostic device capable of working wirelessly, without all the limitations of traditional wired diagnosing tools, such as cable discomfort and the inability to examine highly convoluted sections of the small intestine. However, this technique is still encountering a lot of practical challenges and requires further improvements. This paper is to propose the methodology of investigating the performance of a WCE system by studying its electromagnetic EM wave propagation through the human body.

    The WCE transmission channel model is constructed to evaluate signal attenuations and to determine capsule position. The detail of this proposed research methodology is presented in this paper. Contemporary technical experimentations become complicated. Therefore, a smart laboratory environment is needed for effective laboratory activities. In this paper, we describe how a thermal comfort laboratory surveillance system is constructed via the deployment of a wireless sensor network WSN. In order to prolong system lifetime as well as improve system reliability, a habit-based adaptive sensing mechanism has been proposed.

    Evaluations of on-site deployment results indicate the functionality and feasibility of the proposed WSN. For these complex problems, designing an optimal solution based upon a single programming paradigm is not feasible. A more appropriate solution is to create a solution framework that embraces multiple programming paradigms, each of which is optimal for a well-defined region of the problem space.

    This paper proposes a theory for creating multi-paradigm software solutions that is inspired by two contributions from theoretical physics: model dependent realism and M-Theory. We use the field of sensor networks as a running example. The IVEF service is the draft standard designed for exchange of information on sea traffic between the vessel traffic systems and between the vessels.

    Standardization of this service is under way as a part of the next-generation navigation system, called e-Navigation. But the detailed configuration of this service must be designed by the users. This paper suggests, based on the basic service model and protocol provided in the recommendation V, the design of the J-VTS middleware which will facilitate exchange of information on sea traffic.

    In this paper, we consider the case that. We also show how to address this weakness of the protocol. The technique of classification can sort data into various categories for data mining studies. The demand for sequence data classification has increased with the development of information technology. Several applications involve decision prediction based on sequence data, but the traditional classification methods are unsuitable for sequence data.

    PCRSCM mines sequential patterns to find characteristics of each class, and then calculates pattern coverage rates and class scores to predict the class of a sequence. The experimental results show that PCRSCM exhibits excellent prediction performance on synthetic and real sequence data. The 7th National Curriculum includes the courses on electronic goods Practical Course and roles of robot in the future Social Studies , which are not sufficient for students to learn about characteristics and functions of robots.

    As a complementary measure, in order to enhance logical thinking of students through programming of movement of robots, robot education programs have been suggested and are under development. This study suggests the programmable line tracer robot course which provides the elementary school students with the experience of producing and controlling robots. This study also suggests the convergence robot education program to be developed link with the regular curriculum, and analyzes the method of teaching based on the teaching plans.

    Recently Chang, Lee, and Chiu proposed an enhanced authentication scheme with anonymity for roaming service in global mobility networks. Their scheme is suitable for mobile environments. This is because it uses only low-cost functions such as one-way hash functions and exclusive-OR operations. After that, Youn, Park, and Lim showed the weaknesses of Chang et al. In this paper, we propose an improved authentication scheme with anonymity by basing on low-cost functions as Chang et al. The proposed scheme overcomes the security flaws demonstrated by Youn et al.

    Therefore, our scheme is more secure and still efficient when compared with Chang et al.

    Security in distributed, grid, mobile, and pervasive computing

    In , Sun et al. They claimed that their protocol provides mutual authentication to ensure that only the authorized group members can recover the right session key and all participants only need to store one secret share for all sessions. However, our analysis shows that Sun et al. In this paper, we show a detailed analysis of flaws in Sun et al. Indiscreet distribution of harmful content, excessive exposure to violent material and excessive use of the Internet are becoming an axis of social conflicts, and the damage is expanding to lower ages. At the introduction of media, we were in great expectation on its educational use.

    It has become, however, the most harmful environment from the aspect of education. Media education can be in two aspects: education to accept, product and utilize media to activate the positive functions; and protective and preventive education to minimize the negative functions. What is worthy of note is that media education can be carried out in the aspects of both the positive functions and the negative functions of media.

    This study suggests the media education program applicable to elementary schools, noting the aspects of both the positive functions and the negative functions of media. This paper is about access control of illegal and objectionable contents for child online protection coming through the combination of smart phone device, as the core technology of ubiquitous environments. This paper suggests a solution to block the access of the illegal harmful contents by classifying the contents in detail instead of the existing simple user age classes for the multimedia contents.

    Current smart grid service protocol is not defined as a standard but is only material items for security procedures, message, and policies. In other words, this has no contents on the standards of elucidating delivery security for network safety and data perfection or any standards or requirements on the security for a safe information exchange. Therefore, sensitive information between nations needs to consider many different factors, which may require a complex security structure. Therefore, this paper suggests a security structure that can automatically be connected based on characteristics while sending security policy and security request messages when the smart grid users desire a connection with standard service protocol.

    It is important to note that leveraging company security policy and ensuring that it is enforced through stringent monitoring of in-house security breaches, further enhance the effectiveness of end point security.

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    However, no criteria have been established as yet to evaluate whether such End point Security Software correctly provides the basic security functions needed by user and whether such functions have been securely developed. Therefore, this paper proposes security requirements of End point Security Software by modeling a threat and applying a security requirement engineering methodology based on Common Criteria. Recently, Phishing is a significant security threat to users and has been easy and effective way for trickery and deception on the internet.

    Some of the widely available and used phishing detection techniques include whitelisting, blacklisting, and heuristics. But, absolute and perfect anti-phishing solutions and techniques are hard to fine due to a variability of phishing site domain. This paper aims to collect and filter out phishing suspicious URLs before determine phishing sites using Spamtrap system which is a honeypot used to collect spam e-mail.

    Spam e-mail usually contain phishing site URLs, so we can collect phishing site URLs from spam e-mail of spamtrap system. After collect URLs that can be phishing sites, many kind of phishing site detection algorithm can be used in our paper. In , Tseng et al. Tseng et al. However, Tseng et al. Nui et al. Unfortunately, Nui et al. We introduce a new key agreement protocol based on Chebyshev chaotic map.

    Our protocol overcomes these security problems and provides user anonymity. The QoS performance of wireless mesh networks WMNs is measured by the topology connectivity as well as the client coverage, both of which are related to the problem of router nodes placement, in which each mesh client is served as equal. In practice, however, mesh clients with different payments for the network services should be provided by different qualities of network connectivity and QoS. As a result, to respond to the practical requirement, this paper considers the router nodes placement problem in WMNs with service priority constraint in which each mesh client is additionally associated with a service priority value, and we constrain that the mesh clients with the top one-third priority values must be served.

    Our concerned problem inherited from the original problem is computationally intractable in general, and hence this paper further proposes a novel simulated annealing SA approach that adds momentum terms to search resolutions more effectively. Momentum terms can be used to improve speed and accuracy of the original annealing schedulers, and to prevent extreme changes in values of acceptance probability function.

    Finally, this paper simulates the proposed novel SA approach for different-size instances, and discusses the effect of different parameters and annealing schedulers. For networksurvivability, recovery methods from link or node failures should be provided and spare capacity to perform recovery should be prepared on the network links. The efficiency of spare capacity provisioning is a key issue in survivable network design. In this paper, we studied topology information based capacity provisioning methods for WDM optical networks which are widly used as a backbone architecture of current Internet.

    In the methods, the spare wavelengths are reserved to perform optical link protection using only topology information of a network without need to calculate the amount of on-going traffic of the network, thus provide simple and efficient spapre capacity planning. The basic idea of the topology information based methods is embedding virtual cycles to perform recovery on the network topology graphs.

    We suggest a multiple ring-cover based spare capacity provisioning scheme and compare it with two other topology information based schemes called cyclic-double-cover and p-cycle. We provide performance analysis of the topology information based schemes by the numerical calculation using cut-sets of the topology graphs, and compare it with computer simulation results. Generally, it is known that only quality-assuring services can provide a reasonable profit model. However until now a practical profit model considering the service cost and quality simultaneously has not been introduced yet.

    The QoE is expected to be used for efficient service provisioning and criteria for accurate satisfaction measuring. This paper introduces a profit model for the contents providers considering the costs for quality services and the QoE together. We take into account that QoE is dependent on service area, demographic information and user group characteristics. The proposed profit model can be used for contents providers to find an optimum investment which maximizes the profit.

    Self-adaptive software is an essential approach to manage the challenges of establishing system that autonomously responds to a variety of context-aware situation. In addition, self-adaptive software use a lot of policies and explicitly or implicitly between rules and cases to decide how to react to monitored events. For theses, Self-adaptive systems persistingly develop and modify behavioral properties to meet changing demands. Most of important, specification of adaptation policy is based on element in the construction of architecture-based hybrid model.

    However, several rules are usually scattered in different procedures, which makes procedures more complex, as well as cases are merely recognized situation by the rule and case. Accordingly, in this paper, we presents what is hybrid model including architecture-centric semantic schema. Also, a core element in architectural self-adaptive systems is the specification of adaptation policy: the mapping between hybrid observer indicating the need for an adaptation and hybrid diagnosis of properties with regulator in this need, along with an expression of self-adaptive schema algorithm.

    The optimal channel sensing problem in cognitive radio networks with multiple secondary users sharing a channel with primary users based on channel sensing is considered. Based on the previous system model and results in [1], we extend to cases with multiple secondary users. The characteristics of a sum rate and the optimal sensing are investigated.

    It is shown that the optimal sensing point is determined depending on the primary activity factor, primary and secondary link qualities. This paper presents a QoS-guaranteed transmission of H. The proposed scheme offers an optimized transmission to guarantee the minimum packets delay and drop rate needed for video over WMNs. In this research, we resolve the problem associated with We evaluate the proposed scheme based on network-level metrics, including bit rate, packets delay and drop rates in comparison with the static cross-layer mapping scheme based on We can confirm that the adaptive cross-layer mapping strategy MDCA outperforms the static cross-layer mapping scheme by a significant margin.

    And we propose a new method that adding time division multiplexing TDM with bandpass sampling in the same time to avoid interference due to RF filter characteristics. However, malicious codes are also widespread, therefore security threats become serious problems. This paper suggests WLSA White-List based Security Architecture for the better mobile office security and presents required procedures and the analysis of the expected security enhancement. Recently, the marine accidents happened due to the ship deviation from the established route or seaway. Due to the sensitivity of the problem, the Automatic Identification System AIS has been studied to improve the safety in seaway traffic.

    In this paper, we propose the seaway deviation prevention scheme that makes use of the distance of ship from a seaway based on a triangulation method for preventing ship collision. This scheme devises a control strategy for ships which keeps the ship in the route range and prevents the ship deviation from the normal sea route with a route range. In this paper, we analyze the energy consumption of edge router with sleep mode in OBS networks.

    In order to evaluate the energy saving performance of the OBS edge router with sleep mode, the power consumption is analyzed according to the datasheet of packet router and optical device. In this paper, we propose a multi-hop transmission system using visible light communication to transmit audio data. At each relay, digital audio signal is improved and amplified before sending.

    At the receiver, encoded audio signal from photodiode PD is decoded, amplified and coverted to analog audio signal. We evaluate our proposed transmission system in a room with flourescent light source. The audio signals obversed at the receiver show that with the support of relays, our proposed transmission system can provide high quality audio transmission from transmiter to receiver via multi-hop relays at a long distance. The performance of mobile ad-hoc wireless networks is highly sensitive to node-to-node connection caused by node movement. Thus, to create robust mobile ad-hoc networks against node mobility, stable routing paths and routing refresh interval should be selected adaptively based on instantaneous network parameters.

    Auerbach Publications. Add to Cart. Despite recent dramatic advances in computer security regarding the proliferation of services and applications, security threats are still major impediments in the deployment of these services. Paying serious attention to these issues, Security in Distributed, Grid, Mobile, and Pervasive Computing focuses on the increasing demand to guarantee priva.

    Security in Distributed Computing. Security in Mobile Computing. Security in Grid Computing. Security in Pervasive Computing. Routledge eBooks are available through VitalSource. Most VitalSource eBooks are available in a reflowable EPUB format which allows you to resize text to suit you and enables other accessibility features.

    Security in Distributed, Grid, Mobile, and Pervasive Computing Security in Distributed, Grid, Mobile, and Pervasive Computing
    Security in Distributed, Grid, Mobile, and Pervasive Computing Security in Distributed, Grid, Mobile, and Pervasive Computing
    Security in Distributed, Grid, Mobile, and Pervasive Computing Security in Distributed, Grid, Mobile, and Pervasive Computing
    Security in Distributed, Grid, Mobile, and Pervasive Computing Security in Distributed, Grid, Mobile, and Pervasive Computing
    Security in Distributed, Grid, Mobile, and Pervasive Computing Security in Distributed, Grid, Mobile, and Pervasive Computing
    Security in Distributed, Grid, Mobile, and Pervasive Computing Security in Distributed, Grid, Mobile, and Pervasive Computing

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