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Jeff talks candidly about his own debilitating battle with depression and anxiety and how his relationship with Earl, a Golden-Retriever, changed his life forever. What an honor it is to welcome Dr. Bonnie Bergin to the show!

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Bonnie has had such an impact on my life and so many others as the original mother of the assistance dog industry! Bonnie shares her amazing journey with us from the moment she had the idea that dogs could assist people with mobility limitations, to establishing the first service dog organization, and to creating the educational institution, the Bergin University of Canine Studies that she leads today. Bonnie is a true pioneer and trail blazer who has done so much to develop and support people with disabilities, dogs and the service dog industry!

Jennifer discusses her pioneering bond-based approach and talks in detail about her belief that we can teach dogs to figure out the action we want on their own instead of telling them what to do. She advocates this approach as a much more humane and loving way to communicate with our canines, and to prepare them to become more effective assistants to adults and children with disabilities.

He reveals his beliefs about the simple choices we make every day that can be life changing for animals. Wayne explains the rising tide of consciousness toward animals and the business advantages to treating animals humanely. We love it when working dogs get the recognition they so richly deserve! This award recognizes the sacrifices that working dogs make while serving and protecting our country. Melissa shares the story of remarkable founder of 4 Paws for Ability, Karen Shirk, and how the dogs they train continue to change the lives of children and their families living with autism, diabetes, seizures and other disabilities.

Matthew talks about how Lulu works to comfort families during their time of grief with unconditional love and support. Lulu is an adorable, hard-working girl! Taran talks about some of the canine superheroes showcased in the film including dogs who brave avalanches, bring animal poachers to justice, protect us from danger and lift our spirits!

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For the first time, you will see how working dogs see, feel and experience the world! You will never look at your best friend in the same way again! They talk about guide dogs and the incredible work these dogs achieve every day to make their human partners who are blind or who have limited vision more independent and active!

Christine shares behind the scenes information about how Guide Dogs for the Blind begins the guide dog selection process at the DNA level while David eloquently articulates the special bond that he shares with his guide dog, Parnelli. David talks honestly about how Parnelli enables him to live a full and extensive life as a Finance Professional in New York City! Richard shares all the latest information in the assistance dog industry. Richard is definitely the Top Dog in the assistance dog industry! Victoria Stilwell dog trainer, author and television producer, stops by to visit with Marcie and Lovey about her latest projects and her positive approach to dog training.

She shares some great advice about the human-canine relationship, what to do if you encounter an aggressive dog, and other useful tips for dog handlers. Brian shares how he trained border collie Piper for his rewarding job--keeping people and animals safe on the runway. Hollywood and Broadway animal trainer, advocate, and author, Bill Berloni makes his debut on Working Like Dogs to talk about his incredible year career of training dogs for both the stage and silver screen!

The animals he has rescued are the epitome of a great Hollywood drama from wags to riches! These innovative filmmakers and their passion for the incredible superpowers of working dogs are mesmerizing. Daniel and Dominic share their adventures traveling the globe to follow five canine superheroes and their human partners as they brave earthquakes and avalanches, bring animal poachers to justice, protect us from danger and lift our spirits. Lovey and I quickly became superfans of these Superpower Dogs, and you can, too.

Shelly talks about Amos' gratifying work as a miniature, therapeutic horse! Together, Amos and Shelly visit nursing homes, memory care units, schools and hospitals to bring smiles to everyone Amos meets! Shelly shares how she works with Amos to teach him many incredible skills such as how to play basketball with the Harlem Globetrotters, solve a puzzle, and play the xylophone.

You will fall in love with this little horse with a big heart!! She also talks about incredible service dogs for veterans that were trained in Shelter to Service and Prison Puppy programs! Marcie and Linda talk about different types of assistance dogs. They also talk candidly about the assistance dog placement process and the highs and lows that Marcie experienced through the process of being placed with Lovey. Marcie was reminded again that nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Richard talks about the cutting-edge types of assistance dogs they are training. Did you know dogs can be trained to live with an individual or even a couple with dementia and provide a host of tasks to assist them in everyday activities? Steve and Harry recently graduated from The Seeing Eye. Listen in as Steve articulates his experiences as a young professional who began losing his sight at age 17 and how he made the decision to apply for and receive his first Seeing Eye dog, Harry.

Have you ever thought about alternative ways to respond to issues your dog may be having such as allergies, stress, or anxiousness? Have you ever wondered about meditating with your dog or tapping into ancient practices for helping your dog live a healthier and more balanced life? Amanda has taken the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and applied it to dogs.

Listen in as she provides helpful tips, resources and practices to help your dog live a more balanced, higher quality life. Okay, so you've decided a service dog or assistance dog is right for you. You've decided whether you're going to train that dog yourself, or you're going to decide to go with a service dog agency that you're going to work with. You've done that process. You now have this amazing fine-tuned athlete that is going to be by your side to assist you.

Now what do you do? Tune in to find out all the things you're going to have to do and think about once your service dog comes home! Listen in as Marcie and Whistle welcome Cesar Millan best-selling author, public speaker, and the internationally acclaimed star of Cesar , as well as the original, Emmy-nominated host of the Dog Whisperer program, to the show! Cesar shares his training wisdom about the fundamentals, training and outcomes you must achieve in order to train your own service dog. Did you know that there are currently over 15, working elephants throughout the world?

Helana Telkanranta , Executive Director of Elephant Experts visits with Marcie and Whistle about the work her Finland-based organization is doing throughout the world to improve the welfare of elephants and the safety of their handlers. Helena talks about the onsite training and management of working elephants Elephant Experts is currently doing in Nepal and other countries. She also gives you some incredible insights into these amazing working animals including the varying species, social behaviors, and ways they communicate.

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Access it for free at www. Maria describes military dogs as canines who 'save lives by day and souls by night. Maria weaves a rich tapestry of details that explain why Lucca embodies the best qualities in a military dog — intelligence, passion, dedication, bravery and more. You will be fascinated as Dr. Rack recounts the information she has gathered about working dogs and how they were utilized in Antarctica from the diaries and reports of the explorers and scientists. Their heroic expeditions date back to the late s.

Rack talks specifically about these canine and human pioneering heroes and how important their work has been on our present day global climate and environment! Brandon talks about the work he is doing to rescue unadoptable dogs at local shelters and give them a chance to become productive, hard-working dogs that transform the lives of their human partners. His dogs have been trained to help someone with memory loss find their way home, assist a veteran with a disability to walk up steps, and other amazing tasks. Did you know that professionally trained canines who are graduates from some of the most prestigious, accredited service dog organizations are working as courthouse dogs?

This includes both military and private contract working dogs. Historian, author and dog lover, Kate Kelly visits with Marcie and Whistle about some of her favorite current and historic working dogs. Kate is a treasure trove of historical canine information! Lieutenant Paul Vance from the Connecticut State Police drops in to talk with Marcie and Whistle about the incredible ways canines are assisting officers with 21st Century Policing. Vance explains how these highly trained canines perform a myriad of tasks to help officers identify and investigate bombs, arson, narcotics and missing persons.

Also, he explains that canines are helping officers in child pornography cases with electronic evidence detection. These dogs are nothing short of miraculous and awe-inspiring! Stan has two life passions--writing suspense novels and raising puppies that grow up to be Canine Companions for Independence service dogs! Listen in as he talks candidly about his latest book and his puppy in training!

You will be captivated as Cat talks about her cadaver dog, Solo, and how they work together to locate individuals who are missing and presumed dead.

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Cat speaks plainly about how she supports Solo to identify a particular scent in the field and how Solo tells her about that scent with reliability. It's pure magic! What excites your working dog? Professional dog trainer and handler, Jason Lake visits with Marcie and Whistle about the innovative methods he uses to train dogs. Jason talks about how you can excite your dog to establish an effective and long-term working relationship.

The Fluffiest Great Pyrenees Puppies Ever! - Puppy Love

He also talks about how he uses his wheelchair to train and compete with his own service dog. No one likes to talk about losing our beloved working dogs, but we all will have to face it sooner or later. Listen in as Marcie and Whistle talk with Dr.

Alice Villalobos , Director of Pawspice and the Animal Oncology Consultation Service, about how to ensure our working dogs have a kind and gentle end to their lives. Villalobos talks about her ground-breaking Quality of Life Scale that will help you to ensure your dog has a dignified death. Marcie and Dr. Villalobos will help you to consider better end-of-life choices for your working dog.

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Sue shares some of the fascinating stories and rare photographs that she uncovered during her research of the incredible animals that served in World War I. As the th anniversary of World War I approaches, you will want to hear all about these amazing animals and how they helped to win the war for the Allies. Therapy dogs are providing stressed travelers with comfort and smiles at LAX and 20 other busy airports throughout the country. Brian and Heidi provide all the inside scoop including how to connect with one of the amazing therapy dogs like Finn on your next trip through LAX, and how you and your dog can become certified LAX volunteers!

Hear how these survivors describe their dogs as their unwavering best friends and protectors! Zane Roberts , lead trainer for MSA Security talks with Marcie and Whistle about how he trains dogs to become explosive detection experts. Listen in as Zane talks about how he builds these dogs' vocabulary of suspicious smells. Bomb dogs may be the best-kept secret against terrorism! And, what a powerful bond it is! Listen in as Karen Ann and Jingles talk about their unique working relationship, and Dr.

Ganzert fills us in on all the memory-making, celebrity-filled canine Oscar award event details! Margaret Glenn , Associate Professor of Rehabilitation Counseling at West Virginia University, stops in to visit with Marcie and Whistle about the innovative exploratory research she is conducting on assistance dogs in the workplace funded by the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research. Margaret talks about the lessons she has learned to date and the effective ways employers and individuals with disabilities who are partnered with an assistance dog can work together and communicate more effectively.

She also talks about what a valuable resource the U. Department of Labor Job Accommodation Network can be to both employers and individuals partnered with an assistance dog. Learn all about these tenacious little tattletales from renowned dog trainers and diabetic alert dog experts, Rita Martinez and Sue Barns , Ph.

Rita and Sue talk with Marcie and Whistle about their experiences training diabetic alert dogs and all the valuable information contained within their groundbreaking new book, Training Your Diabetic Alert Dog. This book is a fascinating how-to guide and resource for anyone interested in training a dog to alert to changes in blood glucose levels.

Susannah Charleson dog trainer and author of The Possibility Dogs , talks with Marcie and Whistle about the tremendous potential abandoned dogs can have for service. Susannah is passionate about training these dogs to work beside individuals with different types of needs such as post-traumatic stress or mobility limitations. Learn about these dogs that go from tragedy to triumph as they serve both the human mind and spirit!

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  • Krista talks about her artistic contributions to International Assistance Dog Week and how you can support IADW by purchasing one of her unique creations at www. Did you know that K-9 Comfort Dogs and their handlers respond to disasters and crisis situations throughout the United States?

    Over 70 highly trained golden retrievers and their human handlers are on standby to respond within 24 hours. Most recently these dogs have been working in Boston, Newtown, and West, Texas. Do you think the ancient tradition of sheep herding is extinct? Think again! Have you ever wondered what your dog was thinking? Brian Hare. Hare talks about his latest book, The Genius of Dogs, which is revolutionizing how we interact with our beloved canine partners. He also talks about the games that you can play with your dog at www. She also shares her excitement about the new, innovative Working Dog Center and their work training puppies to become future detection dogs by developing search behaviors for bombs, cancer, and other important tasks.

    SV Wolf , experienced cadaver dog trainer, handler and author, talks with Marcie and Whistle about her lifelong passion of working with cadaver dogs and her new book, Death Scent. Wolf shares some personal insights into some of the most high profile cases she and her cadaver dogs, Titan and Smoke, have worked together and how she used those experiences to create Death Scent. Wolf also talks about some of the unique talents and odor tracking skills cadaver dogs must possess in order to successfully locate human remains.

    So, you've decided an assistance dog is right for you, you've decided you're going to train the dog yourself, or you're going to go with a service dog agency and you've finished that process. Now you have this amazing fine tuned athlete. But now what? You've brought this dog home, you're sitting looking at this dog, and now there's all these other things you have to think about. Today we're going to talk about the care and maintenance of your new assistance dog!! NEADS has been a leader in the assistance dog field for 40 years.

    Listen in as John talks about their training techniques, shelter rescue efforts and their Prisoner Pup Partnership! Join Marcie and Whistle as they welcome Dr. Katherine Schneider retired clinical psychologist and veteran guide dog user, to the show. Schneider talks candidly with Marcie and Whistle about what happens when an assistance dog is retired and ultimately dies.

    Best-selling author, Bruce Cameron , drops in to visit with Marcie and Whistle about his incredible writing career. Listen in as veteran service dog handler, Marcie Davis, shares her personal experiences. Marcie talks candidly about how to know if an assistance dog is right for you and what you should consider before making that big decision. She will give you the inside scoop about what you need to consider and how you can go about finding the right dog to meet your needs. Ellen shares her 25 years of dog training experiences and insights with CCI BARK from breeding dogs to puppy raising, to advanced training and placement.

    Rin Tin Tin might be considered one of the most famous and heroic working dogs in the history of movies and television. The stamps feature original paintings by John Thompson of a guide dog, therapy dog, military dog, and a search-and-rescue dog. Bob's incredible stories and firsthand experiences will captivate you as he describes working with some of the movies' greatest legends that we all know and love.

    Plus, he talks about some current and future projects including his upcoming memoir and his efforts to expand the award-winning documentary, By My Side; The Service Dog Mystique. Darlene enthusiastically talks about how she knew as an elementary student that her life would be devoted to assistance dogs. Darlene and Matt provide some valuable insight into the unique types of assistance dogs available through Canine Partners, especially seizure alert and home companion dogs. Canine Partners for Life might just be the assistance dog agency for you! The book is a prescriptive for everything dog lovers want to know about how to interact with a dog including how to choose a dog, how to choose a vet, how to deal with anxiety, and how to respond to end-of-life issues.

    Jennifer is the expert! Wilma relates how she established the organization after the tragic Oklahoma City bombing. She also talks about the monumental National Training Center for canine disaster teams that will be opening its doors in We loved hearing about this organization's unique lifetime commitment to every participating dog! Robert Leighton. Origins of the Modern Bulldog.

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    Amy Fernandez. Various Authors. Heather Brennan. You Can Draw Dogs. Gladys Emerson Cook. Colonel J. Dog Breeds Collins Need to Know? Croxton Smith. Wilhelmina Swainston-Goodger. Vintage Dog Books. Craig Daniels. Liz Palika. My Animal, My Self. Marta Williams. The Airedale Terrier. William Haynes. Dennis Frankel. Training the Roughshooter's Dog. Peter Moxon. As A Dog Thinketh. Monique Anstee. The Bully Breeds. David Harris. Cairn Terriers for Beginners. Samantha Wilson. The Bullmastiff. Eric Makins. Brendan Meyers. Jimmy Romo. The Best Possible Short Game. Mike Pavese. Vanessa Wallace. Bloodhounds: History - Origins - Breeding - Training.

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    Pyrenean Dogs - A Complete Anthology of the Dog Pyrenean Dogs - A Complete Anthology of the Dog
    Pyrenean Dogs - A Complete Anthology of the Dog Pyrenean Dogs - A Complete Anthology of the Dog
    Pyrenean Dogs - A Complete Anthology of the Dog Pyrenean Dogs - A Complete Anthology of the Dog
    Pyrenean Dogs - A Complete Anthology of the Dog Pyrenean Dogs - A Complete Anthology of the Dog
    Pyrenean Dogs - A Complete Anthology of the Dog Pyrenean Dogs - A Complete Anthology of the Dog

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