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Some guy broke the game of Monopoly. Learn his secret, and make sure your friends do not.

This prevents your opponents from completing their train lines especially the long ones and causes them to take negative points at the end of the game. Enter Monopoly.

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Even more than Ticket to Ride and other more contemporary board games, Monopoly is the ideal test of friendship. This method, by the way, is named after Reddit user, Elfer , who leaked the strategy for everyone to see. A full, intact Monopoly set has 32 houses and 12 hotels, no more, no less. Before you protest, no, it is not legal to use bits of paper or pennies or anything else to represent houses. So, Elfer suggests, if you can buy up all the houses, you can prevent your opponents from gaining any real power. Elfer explains how to use this rule to achieve guaranteed victory in eight easy steps:.

Monopoly: Collect & Win

The Elfer Technique encourages just the opposite. Remember another traditional rule of Monopoly that people tend not to incorporate, if they even know about it: When a player lands on a property and chooses not to buy it, the other players start a bidding war for that square. Or that you have to go all the way around the board once before you can start buying properties? These are not rules, folks, and they could interfere with the Elfer Technique—so the real first step might be to read the official rules to everyone at the table.

Players will probably line up to trade with you, because you can offer anything they want to get your monopoly started. Let the trade give you both a monopoly. Pay an exorbitant price. Just remember to go for the three-property groups—three places to build are better than two. Paradoxically, cheaper properties are actually better for the Elfer Technique, because it costs less to build houses on them. This strategy is all about houses. Remember that and you will always win.

The Secret Way To Win Monopoly (And Infuriate Your Friends) Every Time – Urbo

The sooner you can build three houses per property, the better. Your rent income should fund all this construction. Resist the temptation to upgrade your houses to hotels, even if you can afford it. The whole goal of the Elfer Technique is to cause a housing shortage. Hotels are counter-productive. More monopolies means more space for building houses.

Trade or buy to get your second monopoly by the time mid-game starts. Meanwhile, go ahead and build more houses on your existing monopoly.

How to Win at Monopoly

Four houses are better than three. Once you have two monopolies, the goal will be to build three houses on each of property. After that, make sure every square gets four houses. But she admits it's a key part of her strategy to create a deliberate "housing shortage. For most people, a game of Monopoly is the closest we ever come to a spell in prison, when we land on the doomed spot sending players behind bars.

This probably explains why the minute we are forced to go straight to jail we can't wait to get out of it. So while you might feel like life - and the game - is passing you by, relax and enjoy your time behind bars, because as Natalie explains it simply "could be worse".

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Possibly the most controversial bit of advice from Natalie involves one of the most sought-after spots on the board - and involves playing the odds. The purple properties are highly-valued by many players - as you can charge others the most rent for landing on them. And as there are only two of them in a set Mayfair and Park Lane rather than three, it's easier to complete the set and kick off your house-buying here than elsewhere.

As Natalie cautions: "It may be prestigious but Park Lane is actually the square in the game landed on less than any other. This is to do with where you have landed beforehand - seasoned players will notice that counters often move swiftly round that corner of the board, especially due to the number of Community Chest and Chance Card possibilities to launch you further.

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Winning Monopoly Winning Monopoly
Winning Monopoly Winning Monopoly
Winning Monopoly Winning Monopoly
Winning Monopoly Winning Monopoly
Winning Monopoly Winning Monopoly

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