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Megan Moss had a beautiful life.

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She was blessed with a loving husband Nathan Johnson and had a normal pregnancy. The day she delivered her first baby Eilee Kate, her husband and Megan both were very happy. But their happiness was short lived. Just eight hours after she successfully delivered her baby girl, Megan died of a cardiac arrest.

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Here is what I know. Nathan is a wonderful man and an amazing father. He loves his daughter dearly. Their happiness knew no bounds when Megan and Nathan Johnsons became first-time parents. Her heart worked perfectly the whole time and Eilee introduced herself quickly and smooth. I am a rich man!!! Soon, Megan Moss Johnson left her beloved husband and newborn daughter alone forever.

Megan's Heart

Wow, what a truly tragic yet beautiful story. To think in a matter of minutes, even in the most perfect of moments like the birth of a child, your life can just suddenly change. I truly pray for Megan, her husband, and beautiful daughter. However, though this is somewhat sad and tragic, the fact that she lovingly offered her organs post death to help 50 some odd people is mind blowing and beautiful. Some ppl are born with very strange destiny…this is one among them.

May God bless her daughter n hubby. Megan was way too young when she died.

Megan Moss Johnson

I love how she shared her journey about her heart transplant etc. She is so heroic by becoming an organ donor.

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Who knew she would end up saving 50 lives! And this is where she circles back to the whole system wellness. Where our community of Airdrie can be a culture of wellness for each one of us to stand in our own power. Meagan over the years has served and supported many local citizens and entrepreneurs through her empowering workshops and seminars.

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In Meagan had 2 large speaking events where the crows of over women came to hear her message. Her message of connection and vulnerability. Where most men and women look at vulnerability as a weakness or a shameful trait, Meagan shines a light to it and connects people with it. Coming from a place of security and trust, vulnerability can be shared as one.

Silver Valley Ranch is her main location for seminars and workshops but Meagan also hosts events at Oranj Fitness and other facilities. It is that moment where they are minutes into the event and someone is brave. They step forward and share their vulnerability. From that brave move, the ball starts, connections form and bonds are created. She says it is that exact moment that triggers the success for the participants in her programs.

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Testimonials like that re-affirm Airdrie is looking for additional and alternative resources for recreating belief patterns, coping mechanisms, creating healthy relationships and making it available in different environments. There is a common denominator as Meagan points out, the feeling of being connected and being valued.

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And I think anyone reading this would agree that personally, each one of us does want to feel connected and valued.



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