An Unlikely Hero: Hero – Hero Not

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Bilbo Baggins: A True Hero?

Horror films bring you closer together if you watch them with people, and release the same happy hormones; endorphins, as sex, chocolate and exercise. With most horror films, you know what you are in for, most follow a story of happiness, then something goes wrong and a hero steps forward. Step forward good looking man, who women drop their knickers for Or step forward an average looking ginger man who has never fought in his life. Some horrors do not always follow this routine, and this list is of some of my personal favourites. Yes, little old lady, even you could save the world from a zombie attack!

Oh, and did I mention this list would be riddled with spoilers? No, well now you know. It also stars two, maybe one and a half actually, of the most unlikely heroes ever and their little sidekicks.

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The Gecko Brothers, mainly Seth as Richie has been bitten half way through the film, end up saving the whole day with the help of their hostages, who'd have thunk! And who says people can't change, and that George Clooney is ugly?

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Exactly, no one. Now, I know there were technically two heroes in this film, but this countdown is about unlikely ones, and one of the last characters is very likely. A group of friends go and stay in a little cabin in the woods, nothing ever happens in them, and after a lot of dramatic things happen, the group is cut down to just two at the end as the credits roll.

Now, I know what you're saying, as I mentioned above this ends with two survivors and this one only mentions one. Well, Dana and Marty are the survivors in this film, but Dana is the virgin of the group, turns out she isn't, but for some reason counts as one compared to the rest of her friends. Thus making her a likely hero. Marty, on the other hand, is the druggy of the group, the one who never really survives, being that the rules of a horror film are that if you do drugs you will not survive. Marty goes above and beyond this and does somehow live.

He is a druggy but yet triumphs with only a few cuts and bruises, well done you. Similar to Marty, You're Next breaks a fair few old horror rules too A family go to a big house for some fun times and end up being picked off one by one — sounds normal enough, except there is one hell of a twist andddddd, a woman saving the day. Whoaaaaa, no damsel in distress here. Turns out Erin had been taught to fight and knew self defence and could literally kick the killers butts.

Gone in this film are all the woman just screaming, falling over and getting their boobs out — well, the first two of that list are in it, just not with Erin. Ever seen someone kill someone with a blender? No, well then you are missing out and obviously have not seen this. What a good film Feast is. What a good, underrated film Feast is.

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And what a slap in the face it is too. First off, it is a good story, with basically a small town stuck in a bar while being hunted down by monsters, second off, you cannot hate the characters, each is original and the names of them are insane. Such as Hot Wheels and Tuffy, who are the survivors of Feast. But why are they on this list I hear you say? Well, Feast is a clever film, as soon as the monsters attack, in walks the Hero, literally a guy called 'Hero' walks in to save the day So, the likely hero is dead and left are the unlikely ones — Hot Wheels and Tuffy, who both help save the day, with no thanks to the Hero The main thing is though, it is a technically a horror film and Jim Evers is a very unlikely hero.

The Evers family are real estates who decide that the, not known to them , Haunted Mansion, would be perfect to sell, but obviously without knowing the secrets inside its walls.

Not only is the house haunted, by bad and good spirits, the owner thinks Jim's wife is his dead wife and wants her for himself. So many problems! All of this not making the time spent here easy for Jim, or his wife or his kids, for one, it was his idea to go there in the first place, and not go straight to their family holiday Kinda putting all the blame right on you, Jim, man. Jim has to step up and save his family, he was one of those knobs that only really cared about his work You strange hero, you.

And Jim is played by Eddie Murphy, who is known for comedy, so not the common horror hero either to be fair…. Basic story of zombies attacking the world, but one of the first of its time, and that makes it brave to start with. What also makes it brave is the hero of the film, and what he looks like. One typical rule is that anyone black in the film dies normally first, or at least doesn't live long. The boy you can see in the photograph is a minor.

He should be going to school to get an education. But, like many other children in Bangladesh, due to extreme poverty he has to work relentlessly in a fish market. He lost his father, he looks after his mother and younger sister. He is a survivor of the system. An unsung hero of the society. He is sacrificing his present to represent a better future for his family. I was passing by this restaurant and looked inside and saw this boy with his grandfather sharing a meal.

My grandfather took care of me when I was a kid and growing up I was always told that I looked exactly like him. In many ways me capturing my reflection alongside this boy and his grandfather was me reflecting on the relationship I shared with mine. To me an unlikely hero is someone who makes a positive impact in your life, believes in you and helps you through your struggles.

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I took this photo while sitting in my truck, waiting for the stoplight to turn green. As I sat there, this man with a dirty rag, a squeegee and a bottle of soapy water, jumped up on my truck. He smiled and started cleaning my windshield. I have seen him before at this same stoplight cleaning windshields in the degree weather. In my eyes he is an unlikely hero… He chooses to be there and deal with the ugly looks, the comments and the stares. He does it so he can provide for his family. Those brave enough to be themselves, and fight for their rights.

I decided to take [on] a project at a special needs institute The kids were amazing, and their strength of character had a profound affect on me. The child in the photo was using the handlebars to help him walk and achieve balance and mobility. What could be more heroic than that? To me this photo means true freedom. Everyone has a feeling of heroism hidden inside them which they want to bring out one day by doing something marvelous.

These 'Unlikely Heroes' Prove Role Models Don't Have To Be Knights In Shining Armor

The kid in this photo was busy showing his friends how well he can dive by performing diverse stunts although they might never have expected such a fearless and heroic stunt [from him]. I was only 17 when I found Husk and was living by myself prior to my parents' abandonment. I was also going through major depression.

So I guess you could say Husk helped me more than I could help myself. I took this shot in Kuakata, Bangladesh. The shot was taken at the very early morning. The man is there as early as dawn, struggling to capture fish to feed his family. I consider him as a hero. We have many heroes in our minds -- Superman, Batman, and Spider-Man, etc -- but we never touch them even though they fulfill some our imaginations about heroes.

We can touch and feel safe on dad's shoulder.

Horror Movies with the Most Unlikely Heroes - Spinetingle

Dad is a hero who is real. We can feel safe, happy and touchable on dad's shoulder [with] no fear. This is my sister Josefa. She has Down syndrome. Shortly after she was born, she was hospitalized for a fatal respiratory disease. After leaving, we were informed that she had a life expectancy of three years. In the following years she was constantly in hospitals and private clinics, but her vitality and joy never ceased. She is a happy little angel, our life. She is a person who floods us with her joy every day. Rory was my hero because she was never afraid to venture out into the world and explore, even when danger was all around her.

For me, he is an unlikely hero because he dares to stand out in the masses.

Unlikely Heroes

I was photographing at the Slottsfjell Festival in Norway and had noticed him the day before when I was walking around on the area. In a crowd dominated by He was my hero this afternoon. My boy went bravely through surgery and was my hero in that moment. This hero left his country to support the family back home. In the photo you can see my husband and my son -- father and child. My husband My son, Guy, manages to get us to leave the routine and enjoy the magical moments together.

Thanks to him we appreciate these humble and special moments. This shot represents who my heroes have become -- my two boys. Kaden and Cash my son featured in this photo inspire me daily to enjoy the life that God has given us, to smile as big as possible and to explore every nook and cranny of this amazing planet.

An Unlikely Hero: Hero – Hero Not An Unlikely Hero: Hero – Hero Not
An Unlikely Hero: Hero – Hero Not An Unlikely Hero: Hero – Hero Not
An Unlikely Hero: Hero – Hero Not An Unlikely Hero: Hero – Hero Not
An Unlikely Hero: Hero – Hero Not An Unlikely Hero: Hero – Hero Not
An Unlikely Hero: Hero – Hero Not An Unlikely Hero: Hero – Hero Not
An Unlikely Hero: Hero – Hero Not An Unlikely Hero: Hero – Hero Not
An Unlikely Hero: Hero – Hero Not An Unlikely Hero: Hero – Hero Not
An Unlikely Hero: Hero – Hero Not An Unlikely Hero: Hero – Hero Not

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