Exotic Lands and Dodgy Places

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Most trekking routes ARE open though but tremors are common in Nepal. Many people know about the major earthquakes in April and May Extensive damage was caused and, even 4 years later, reconstruction is still happening. Just goes to show you how mighty the elements can be. Get insurance! Even if you are only going on a short trip, you should always travel with insurance.

Have fun while visiting Nepal but take it from someone who has racked up thousands of bucks on an insurance claim before, you need it. If you want to shop around a little, then read up on competing companies and what they can offer.

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Before you go soaking up all that culture and those views though, here are some tips to keep you safe:. Not pushing yourself too hard will help you stay safe in the mountains. In the towns and cities, you will be safer from the elements but you should still watch your stuff. Probably one of the MOST annoying things that can happen to you anywhere in the world is being robbed.

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And that is by using a money belt. The best way to keep your money safe is with an awesome security belt. Nepal is wonderfully diverse and will take ages to explore. Photo credits: english. Luckily, Nepal is very safe for solo travelers.

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That being said, traveling alone does make one more prone to certain accidents, like being stranded in the wilderness or the victim of a robbery. To avoid common mishaps that most solo travelers face in Nepal, refer to the following advice:. Photo credits: matadornetwork. This means that, generally speaking, Nepal is safe for solo female travellers.

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Women usually have more to be worried about when they travel alone, which is an unfortunate reality. That being said, Nepal is generally just as safe for solo females as for males; the differences between the two will, in our opinion, be marginal.

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So get out there and enjoy it all! Head online to make friends with other women travelling to Nepal , go on tours, sign yourself up to activities, work for a charity; do anything that brings you into contact with other people. Remember to set aside a good chunk of time with the local Nepalese women as well — they will steal your heart, forsure. Photo credits: nepalecoadventure. Pure chaos sometimes. Photo credits: holeinthedonut. If you have to wait in line, then do it. But it DOES also have female drivers and lots of good reviews. This is an average taxi.

Photo credits: iciclesadventuretreks.

Note that the taxis in these cities all have black license plates. If no one WANTS to use the meter, all you can do is try to haggle for a reasonable price on the journey. In the end, using taxis in Nepal safely comes down to the roads and the people who drive on them: neither may not be very safe at all! Its distinctive location and also the sample of alternative aspects beguile the travelers visiting the Chamba city. The spectacular location encircled by the wide snow views stands as antique as a jewel of itself.

It takes a day to enjoy the superb charm of the city. The huge sedgy land is a stunning place and is the center of all cultural activities of the city. You can enjoy delicious Chaat at Chaugan provided by the native vendors at really low-cost worth. The best deal in the city is Bhuri Singh Museum. The museum remains open from 10 AM to 5 PM throughout the year except on Monday and alternative gazetted holidays. Chamba town has many old temples which explain its wealthy historical past.

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Exotic Lands and Dodgy Places Exotic Lands and Dodgy Places
Exotic Lands and Dodgy Places Exotic Lands and Dodgy Places
Exotic Lands and Dodgy Places Exotic Lands and Dodgy Places
Exotic Lands and Dodgy Places Exotic Lands and Dodgy Places
Exotic Lands and Dodgy Places Exotic Lands and Dodgy Places
Exotic Lands and Dodgy Places Exotic Lands and Dodgy Places

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