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Life of Franklin, by Sparks. Collected, and edited, with a life and introduction, by A. January, ] vols. Bige- low. Autobiogra- phy. Books about Franklin. Fisher, S. True Benjamin Franklin. Many-sided Franklin. Franklin in France. From original documents. Benjamin Franklin as a man of letters. Benjamin Franklin. F83i:i7 Parton, J. Life and times of Franklin. Life of Benjamin Franklin. Containing the Autobiography with notes, and a continuation, i Franklin's home and host in France. Century Franklin's place in the sci- ence of the last century. Harpers' mag. Jour, of Educ. Everett, E.

Boyhood and youth of Frank- lin. I in Sketch of Franklin. Century, Jan. Hughes, T. English views of Franklin. Lippincott's Fame of Franklin. At- lantic, Oct. Mackay, C. Mastek, J. At- lantic 1 8. Pakkfr, T. A study ol Franklin. Arena Room, Sainte-Beuve, C. Benjamin P'ranklin at Paris.


F'ranklin as an economist. Johns Hopkins University Studies " You. Further material may lie obtained in the Reference Room. Books on Franklin in the Juvenile Department. AnnoTT, J. FSsa Baldwin, J. Story of Franklin. Bi9 Benjamin Franklin. True story of Franklin. FSsb Edgar, J. Boyhood of F. Ed3b Eggleston, E. Eg33 Hale, E. H 13 i Hawthorne, N. In his True stories from I history, pt.

Youth of F. Sm5 Wright, H. Will be best remembered by the well-known Zigzag journey books 17 vols. These books giving facts about many countries, interestingly blended and told in story form, have had wide popularity. Later in life Mr. Butterworth wrote a series of stories which he describes as "anecdotal narratives of the crises in the lives of public men," including such titles as " In the days of Audubon"; "In the days of Jefferson"; "Boyhood of Lincoln"; etc. All the above are in the Juvenile Department. Besides these, he was the author of some popular histories, works on music, and some poetry.

He was an editor of Youth's Companion, A sketch of his life appears in "Zigzag journeys around the world" j Dodge, Mary Mapes Jan. The former is a children's classic. These are all in the Juvenile Department. They appeared originally in St. Nicholas, of which periodical Mrs. Dodge was editor since its start in and with which her name is inseparably linked in the minds and hearts of a generation of children. Nicholas and the Critic, October, , have articles about Mrs. Harland, Henry March, — Dec. They were written under the pseudonym of Sydney Luska. He was editor of the well-known periodical the Yellow book, which had quite a vogue a few years ago.

Hay, John Oct. Before the parting of the ways in his career, when Mr. Hay definitely gave up Literature for Statesmanship, he had produced a nota- able book of travels, ''Castilian days" Howells writes: "In verse they will as infal- libly carry his fame as the Biglow papers carry Lowell's With J. Nicolay, Mr. Hay was author of "Abraham Lincoln: a history," 10 volumes, As to the author- ship of the labor novel, "The Breadwin- ners" H Hay, it may be noted that the sketch in Who's who, prepared from material fur- nished by Mr.

Hay himself, does not include "The Breadwinners" among his writings. The editor of Public Libraries, Dec. Hay was never known to give his consent to the use of his name as the author of this book. Done into English by E. Tay- lor Heredia's particular triumph was in his sonnets. A sketch appears in the Bookman, Nov. See also the study of his poetry in the Fortnightly Review, Dec. Macdonald, George iSept. Sharp, William Sept. His ''Life of Browning" The Argonaut, Dec. He edited, with an introductory essay on the sonnet, "Sonnets of this century" The other was revealed only at his death last month, when the very interesting news was made public that he was the author of the stories which have appeared under the name of Fiona Macleod.

See Fiction Cata- logue. These books have been much ad- mired by appreciators of good literature for their fine spiritual insight and excellent por- trayal of the Gaelic spirit. The author calls them Studies in spiritual history. The Outlook, Dec. May 2, May 21, Wrote stories dealing with the reconstruction period in the South, from the Northern point of view.

Among them are "Bricks without straw" T For a complete list see the Fic- tion Catalogue. Verne, Jules Feb. When his highly imaginative stories appeared "Five weeks in a balloon," V The time of "Around the world in eighty days" V The submarine boats of "Twenty thousand leagues under the sea" V Ships comparable in size the "Float- ing City" V53I. I5 may frequently be seen at the San Francisco docks.

The Bookman has an interesting article on this subject. Verne's many adventurous books give no indication that he was a stay- at-home man, who loved his fireside. Wallace, Lew A[ ril 10, — Feb. Ingersoll, which suggested the writing of Ben-Hur. Review of Reviews, 3 1 o. The " lioyhood of Christ" But he will remain a man of one book. Coming after a long interval of silence which followed " Ben-Hur," great preparations were made for a large sale by. With Reading Lists. Academy of Sciences. The following two lectures, free to the public , will be delivered under the auspices of t!

California Academy of Sciences, in the Aca :- einy's hall, No. The Polynesian People. By Charles Keeler. Illustrated by lantern slides. February j. England after Forty Years Ab- sence. By Edward Berwick. Young Men's Christian. Committee of the Y. The first two are announced as follows : Jmuary Lessons in early San Francisco history. James D.

February p. Queen of the Adriatic. Illus- trated. Henry Payot. Lane Lectures, The Twenty-fourth Annual Course of Lane Lectures will be delivered in the Auditorium of Cooper Medical College, beginning Friday evening, January 12, at 8 o'clock, and contin- uing every alternate Friday evening thereafter until ten lectures are given. January The Prevention of Epidemics. William Ophiils. February g. The life and work of Hermann von Helmholtz. Reading Lists. Polynesian People.

Ballou, M. Under the southern cross. Wild life in southern seas. Islands of the southern seas. In the south seas. Same Island world of the Pacific. Beavan, A. Imperial London. London films. The soul of London. Among English hedgerows. England without and within. Annals of San Francisco. Soule and others. California inter pocula. Vigilance com- mittees. History of San Francisco. History of California, vols.

California, Brown, H. Life on the lagoons. Literary landmarks of Venice. Venice [well illustrated]. Venice as seen and de- scribed by famous writers. Short history of Venice. Venice: its history, art, indus- tries and modern life. Abbott, A. Hygiene of transmissible diseases. Origin and control of yel- low fever. Hecker, J. Epidemics of the middle ages. Fighting yellow fever.

World to-day, Oct. Hermann von Helmholtz. M'Kendrick, J. Life of H. Masters of medicine. Edinburgh rev. Rucker, a.

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Sketch of H, Fortnightly rev. Smithsonian Inst. Report, Mann, CouN M. George a. Joy Lichtenstein, Ass't. Mortheast Wing of City Hall. New City Hall D. Entrance from Park Avenue, near Larltin Street. I C — Noe Valley,. F — Polk Street,. H — Rialto Building,. Corner of Mission and New 5 Montgomery streets. Excepting new books and others for which there is considerable demand they may be renewed for an additional period of two weeks Application for renewal should state the name and address of borrower, class number of book and the date on which it will be due.

At the Main Library a selection of readable books numbering about 10, vol- umes has been placed on open shelves accessible to all cardholders. Books issued for home use 75 " " " library use 23, Cards in force 40 8i3 Number of volumes in Main Library. This service will prove more efficient by reason of the fact that the desk attendants will be ena- bled to give direct and personal assistance in providing borrowers with the books desired. The attendants will also be able to make more effective and intelligent search for books than is possible with messenger boys, ever so willing.

It will still be necessary for borrowers, when not drawing from the Select Library, to supply from the catalogues the call numbers of books desired. The demands upon the service are too great for the attendants to have time for looking up the numbers of books in the cata- logues. Borrowers may, however, provide them- selves with lists of call numbers, which may be presented repeatedly until exhausted. When a particular book is desired, the quickest and surest way of getting it is to ask for it by its call number.

The attendant at the Information Desk open 1 will give directions for the use of the catalogues and of the several departments of the library. By thus becoming informed as to the library's workings, the borrower is in a better position to have his wants satisfied, and is also better able to appreciate the reasons upon which the system is based. It is and has been the policy of the management to shape this to the ends of simplicity, effective service and careful handling of the public property.

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Levantine log-book. Reprinted from the original edition of List of the works of Thomas Hutchins, pp. English hours, with illus- trations by Joseph Pennell. Phili[ pine life in town and country. From New York to New Zealand; or the new century trip. Front, map. England and the English. Hakluytus posthumus, or, I'urchas pilgrimes, contayning a history of the world in sea voyages and lande travells by Englishmen and others. Mai S. Extra ser. Stielers hand-atlas, hrsg. Siberia: a record of travel, climbing and exploration.

With an intro- duction by Baron Heyking. Re-shaping of the Far East. Wcale's grasp of the significance of the forces now re- shaping the Far Fast is remarkable. He has a keen insight into the political and psycho- logical reasons for Russian, German and French dealings with China. Travels through the states of North America, and the provinces of upper and lower Canada, during the years and The Florence of Landor.

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Aïe Aïe Aïe !

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K Liszt, Franz. Gesammelte schriften. Friedrich Chopin. Essays und reise- briefe eines baccalaureus der tonkunst. Dramaturgische blatter: i. Es- says fiber musikalische buhnenwerkeund buh- nenfragen, komponisten und darsteller. February, ] n. Richard Wagner. Aus deu annaleii des fort- schritts. Die zigeuuer und ihre musik in Ungaru. Unser Regiment: ein Reiterbild. Das Riesen-und Isergebirge.

Das Fraulein vom See: eine epische Dichtung. Naturgewalten: neue Geschich- ten aus der Eifel. Nouveaux essais de psy- chologic contemporaine: M. Dumas fils; M. Leconie de Lisle; MM. Avant I'heure: roman. Histoire de la Com- pagnie de Je'sus depuis sa fondation jusqu'h. Le lendemain de la mort ou la vie future selon la science. La mort de la reine les suites de I'affaire du collier d'aprfes de nouveaux documents recueillis en partie par A. Le chateau de Vaux.

Elle_Decoratbre_ by Elena Gavrykova - Issuu

Prisonniers marocains! L6i8:i6 Lynch, Jeremiah. Trois ans au Klondike. Les mete'ores. Par felie MargoUe' et Frederic Zurcher. SI PI. Scarron: comcdie irag- ifjue. Musicfue et chansons de M. Hiers bleus: poesies. Le visage emerveille. Les deux fil-res. Mem oires d'un touriste. Chay- tor. Front, plan. V88S:3 Spanish Books. La Cavada, Agustin de. Historia geogra- fica, geologica y estadfstiga de Filipinas. Historia general y natural de las Indias, islas y tierra-firme del mar oceano. Panzini, Alfredo. Trionfi di Donna.

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Pi Norwegian Books. Det nye Norges maler- kunst Kunsthistorie i grund- linjer. Bogen om Norge af Acre videnskabsm. Austin, Oscar PHelps. Uncle Sam's se- crets; a story of national affairs for the youth of the nation. James, Fairy reader; adapted from Grimm and Andersen, c. Baum, L. Queen Zixi of Ix. B3iq Blanchard, Amy E. A frontier knight; a story of early Texan border-life. Lights of child- land. American heroes and heroines. B66 Brooks, E. In No-Man's land. B Burnett, Frances Hodgson. A little prin- cess; being the whole story of Sara Crewe now told for the first time.

Squirrels and other tur-bearers. B94 Butler, Edward C. Our little Mexican cousin. A first history of France. A little girl in old San Francisco. Battling for Atlanta, c. J D Young Kentuckians ser. The brown am- bassador. Wolf's head. The widow O'Callaghan's boys. The young marooners on the Florida coast, c. New dialogues and plays for boys and girls, ages ten to fifteen, adapted from the popular works of well- known authors.

G95b — New dialogues and plays for little child- ren, c. G95 — New dialogues and plays for young peo- ple, ages fifteen to twenty-five, adapted [February, from the popular works of well-known au- thors. The boy craftsman. Told by Uncle Remus. H24t Horn, W. Oer- tel.

Cendrillon (nouvelle version) - dessin animé en français - Conte pour enfants avec les P'tits Z'amis

Maria Theresa; tr. M33 Ingersoll, Ernest. An island in the air; a story of singular adventures in the mesa country. Pansy Billings and Popsy; two stories of girl life. Jenks, Tudor. Captain Myles Standish. St26j — In the days of Shakespeare. Sh 1 3 Jerrold, Walter, ed. The reign of King Oberon. Song twigs and branches; a collection of choice pickings from na- ture's melodies gathered from here and there.

Johnson and W, T. J63 Johnson, William Henry. French path- finders in North America. J63 Lang, Andrew, ed. Larger publishing houses such as Einaudi, Gremese et Ubulibri have also published new work and opened up new ground. Another example is the new Boccascena collection published by Interculturali, run by Alberto Bassetti, which has created an original formula by publishing a play by an Italian playwright together with a foreign one.

Two large publishing houses have shown how solid they can be in promoting classic and contemporary plays. Since few plays have been published and very few French productions presented on Italian stages, it seems that most translators first encounter the plays during performances in France. Another obstacle in promoting plays is the form retained by a great many contemporary French playwrights who favour a more complex style of language, which is musical, poetic and elliptical rather than focusing on the story.

This does not contribute to their work being well received in the not very adventurous context of Italian theatre. Contrary to their British or German equivalents, contemporary Italian plays have rarely been presented on French stages. It is a paradoxical phenomenon in a country that has always had artistic exchanges with France in music, the fine arts and film. We felt it was necessary to promote contemporary French-language plays, and to link the translation work to that of its publication and presentation on stage. We hope to encourage initiatives by theatre professionals in Italy, to develop information about contemporary theatre and to foster exchanges and partnerships between the two countries.

The teri website Our first initiative, following our cataloguing of French plays translated into Italian with the sacd, was to create the teri website. The website features a list of forty playwrights, from the ones most translated in Italy to those whose work has yet to be discovered in both countries; but we insist on the fact that the list is not closed and can be added to through proposals from members of the project. Another initiative we have already started, and would like to develop further, involves creating an online collection of documents on the theatre.

The collection would have a list of all plays translated into Italian, with an information sheet including the number of characters, the length and genre of the play, and a synopsis. We hope to propose more extracts from plays not yet translated with reserved access , in collaboration with the appropriate French publishing houses. After this initial phase of research, we brought together Italian theatre professionals who were particularly involved in promoting contemporary plays and likely to undertake projects aimed at promoting contemporary French-language plays.

The meeting took place in April with forty theatre professionals, including translators and directors of theatre, festivals and public institutions. The meeting enabled us to take stock of the main problems regarding the current state of contemporary playwriting in Italy, in particular concerning the promotion of contemporary plays, their visibility in the media and relationship to audiences.

We have paid close attention to the expectations and problems mentioned by the participants and will focus our work on creating a network with the project members, and on circulating information about the playwrights and the state of contemporary theatre in France venues, institutions. We also asked the participants to tell us about their projects so that we can orient them and help them through the process. Some of these French subsidized theatres are already working with Italian theatre professionals, as well as with universities, which are a crucial promotional vector, thanks to translating workshops and meetings with playwrights.

Clearly the teri project will not solve all the problems encountered by contemporary Italian theatre. However, by focusing our efforts on promoting contemporary French-language theatre, we can be involved in persuading Italian public institutions to adopt a more supportive policy in respect of contemporary playwriting in general.

Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie en Gaspésie, 2018

Several several participants observed that no institution had ever organized this kind of meeting among professionals to discuss a project aimed at promoting contemporary theatre. Finally, the participants determined together that the teri project could not exist solely through support from the Cultural Services of the French Embassy, whose contribution in inviting playwrights, providing translating grants, buying the rights to plays, communications support, financial aid for presenters, etc should only be considered as complementary or as an incitement.

All the French cultural centres in Italy are meant to be involved in this promotion of contemporary French-language theatre by favouring partnerships with local theatre institutions. It is their desires and curiosity that are guiding us. Furthermore, as the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in Italy have initiated the project alone, it is important that they be surrounded by solid, highly motivated partners in order for the projects to come to fruition.

Indeed, the goal of this three-year plan is to establish a lasting collaboration with Italian structures and ultimately to succeed in spilling over into other forms of European exchange, in an attempt to highlight contemporary Italian playwriting. If artists and institutions become involved in this initiative in favour of contemporary French-language theatre in Italy, then we can consider a range of projects and have faith in their durability.

What are your short-and long-term expectations? When I began translating, I discovered plays in a professional context. Subsequently I came into contact with French organisations like the sacd in order to continue to discover new plays and playwrights. Every playwright has his own special style, and there are always new problems of rhythm, vocabulary, semantics and poetry. Once I had to try to convey some French customs which had no equivalent in Italian culture. The director asked me to cut out that part of the text because the French customs meant nothing to him.

I refused because I think cultural differences are an integral part of a play. I never start translating a play before meeting with the playwright and talking with him about his text. If I have any doubts about different possible interpretations during the translation process, I ask the playwright to clarify it for me. We often perfect the translation during this final stage of work thanks to our fruitful discussions. I like to think of it as a job for four eyes and four hands.

And two souls. Paravidino, Ascanio Celestini and Vincenzo Pirrotta are examples of it, as well as Emma Dante who uses choruses and the absurd. Some resort to dialects — Sicilian or Roman for the abovementioned playwrights — at a time when Italian is turning increasingly into a language that is conventional, influenced by TV, flat and colourless, and full of Anglicisms.

In order for the audience to react, there has to be a theatre performance, a reading or a staged reading. The two plays are very different, but were both very well received. The teri project should give more visibility to French plays and productions. In the short term I hope to attend various initiatives, such as readings, that will give me a better understanding of contemporary French-language theatre. Some of my translations have been the result of my own initiatives; others have been commissioned.

I always propose my translations to stage directors, directors of theatres or producers. I often present the French text, then I create a project around it. The translation is an integral part of the project elaborated with a particular director or contemporary playwriting festival. Simona Polvani. I contact the playwrights rather frequently. I think French-language plays could be promoted through the kind of meticulous effort undertaken by the British Council, which has helped contemporary theatre in recent years by providing support for festivals and subsidizing young companies in an intelligent way.

This year — to my delight! I send my texts around to lots of theatre and festival directors. Pietro Bontempo. Out of pleasure and passion I always translate out of pleasure and passion — for the pleasure of sharing the plays with other people. Without a doubt my affinity for a play influences my choices.

I think it helps me go deeper into the play, its form and music. Fabrice Melquiot asked me to read his work and tell him what I thought of it way before his plays had been translated or staged. Witnessing the development of his writing was a rare and precious experience. Italian audiences liked the poetic, humorous, ironic and sweet side of the plays I translated, such as Perlino Comment, Bouli Miro and Percolateur Blues. But what surprised them most was to be dealing with a foreign playwright in translation. He blends everything at hand.

He creates neologisms and likes to play with homonyms to invent strange sounds. He uses onomatopoeia, rhymes and metaphors. Trying to convey various levels of language is the hardest part of translating. Zola said that translating is writing seen through a particular temperament. I think the biggest differences between contemporary Italian and French plays are more related to form than to themes. For instance, in going from one language to the other I must decide if I should keep the rhyme and risk losing the meaning, or convey the meaning at the expense of the rhyme.

Rosaria Buffa. I read their plays and attended performances of their works. Some playwrights like to play with language in their writing — more for the sound than for the meaning — which can be superb at times for the French, but not so great for foreign audiences! The panorama is highly varied. Since Italian playwrights get no support for their writing from their own institutions, they might be freer during the creative process but at times less motivated to continue. I hope this synergy between the Embassy, the sacd, eti and theatre buffs will lead to productions of plays already translated.

Now I work exclusively from commissions, but only on plays that I love. Paola Ciccolella. Change the usual production system I almost always choose the plays I translate, after reading them. What translation problems have I encountered? Other times the use of local expressions, terms not invented but employed in certain parts of France, can turn out to be really tricky. There are other difficulties, which are more stimulating and enriching, related to etymology.

The only exception was Michel Foucault, unfortunately. French theatre was strongly influenced by Alexandrine verse. The hendecasyllable in Italy has a different form of musicality sometimes it achieves pure musicality, as in the case of Carmelo Bene , and its brevity is often harmonious. French plays focus more on spoken language — in monologues, long lines and various kinds of linguistic rambling.

I hope that the support from France, always committed to promoting words and ideas, will make it possible to translate important texts — reviews, analyses, studies, plays — and will help create productions that make a break from the usual system. At other times, it was more a case of commissions from directors or festivals.

Gioia Costa. The first translating problem comes from the fact that some plays have no scene indications.

Perlino comment (Théâtre Jeunesse) (French Edition) Perlino comment (Théâtre Jeunesse) (French Edition)
Perlino comment (Théâtre Jeunesse) (French Edition) Perlino comment (Théâtre Jeunesse) (French Edition)
Perlino comment (Théâtre Jeunesse) (French Edition) Perlino comment (Théâtre Jeunesse) (French Edition)
Perlino comment (Théâtre Jeunesse) (French Edition) Perlino comment (Théâtre Jeunesse) (French Edition)
Perlino comment (Théâtre Jeunesse) (French Edition) Perlino comment (Théâtre Jeunesse) (French Edition)

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